MySQL is an open-source, relational database management system, which is owned by Oracle Corporation. It can be deployed under two versions – an open-source Community Edition and a paid Standard Edition. This database management system is faster, simpler, more reliable and affordable than others. It enables enterprises to manage and organize their data through MySQL Server efficiently on the systems besides their existing work environment.MySQL has always been the preferred open-source database management system for developers, which is licensed under GNI General Public License. Its source code, which is available under the domain, helps developers customize them according to database requirement and usage. It is easy to use and extremely fast. Despite having limited features, it performs like just other commercial database systems such as Oracle or Sybase. Moreover, it requires minimum disk space and installs easily. One of the major advantages of this database management system is its compatibility with cross platforms. It supports all important operating systems (Linux, Windows, Unix – Solaris, Sun, DEC, and AIX) and different development interface (PHP, ODBC, C++, JDBC, Python and Pearl). The strong security layers of MySQL ensure protection of sensitive data from unauthorized access, malefic programs and codes and burglars. It has unique, pre-specified user ID, which is recognized by the host system, and then allows to process operations. Furthermore, it ensures the restoration of data by using caching, backup and log files. MySQL database management system with a default file size limit of 4GB is capable to manage a huge sum of data. However, this limit can be increased up to 8TB.Delitesoft offers highly scalable MySQL database management services for better utilization of the CPU power, memory and I/O capacity. Our experts follow the proven methodologies and practices for MySQL database and network server troubleshooting technical problems.

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