Google Cloud

Google’s advanced storage infrastructure makes it easy for companies to store and reliably access vast amounts of business data. It is highly scalable, offers flexible security and sharing, fast data access via highly optimized data centers in multiple regions. Google’s proven storage and networking infrastructure provides data redundancy for added reliability.

Direct access to Google Cloud Platform means companies can take an uncongested and cost-effective route to the cloud and network services that best meet their needs. This private connectivity to Google Cloud Platform will appeal both to large enterprises and smaller businesses that wish to have predictable and consistent bandwidth to Google cloud services. The applications that will benefit most from the ability to directly connect to Google Cloud Platform include both data-intensive and latency-sensitive applications.

DeliteSoft’s offering

DeliteSoft can build a Cloud Exchange platform allowing enterprises to connect to multiple clouds simultaneously through a single port. Companies can mix and match services to build the cloud they want, and scale computing power up and down, on demand.